Shenyang Yaskawa Project Office Family Day

0 Work is volant sky, home is rest room of soul. Kaiser Yaskawa family day event is aimed at this. Shenyang Yaskawa project office organized their family day event after they smooth completed the project. The event goal is to ensure employees to have relax and stable family relationship, find sense of belonging during work, experiencing team work sprit and power, they are direct feelings bring to everyone during family day event. ptr The construction of Yaskawa project broke ground under the urgent production pressure of the owner, and the construction period pressure passed on to every member of the office, also demanded more support from every family behind them. “Your company with the excellent design, construction technology and rich experience, apply your sincerity and quality to achieve the expected goal, thank you very much!” It is translated from the owner during the completion ceremony, the words were for Kaiser, also their families. rpt 3 4 5 6 During the project family day event visiting, everyone enjoys results from their original intention, quality construction; during games, gathering together to experience close relationship between team and family. It is a simple and normal one day gathering, however it is not a simple, unusual integration.“We understand you better”. During one family day event, one project office employee’s family member mentioned this to our employee. This is meaning of Kaiser family day-understanding. 7 Thank you for coming to my life. Thank you for your support and affection. I will take your love and expectation to the next journey. Fighting, Kaiser!
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