New Facility Project Commenced for CP Zhongji Food (Chengdu) Co., Ltd

CP Zhongji Food (Chengdu) Co., Ltd is a joint venture set up by world famous food corporation CP Group and Zhongji Group, and is committed to build a plant with an annual capacity of 10,000  tons of dumplings. It is foreseen that by July 2019, the dumplings from this plant can be served on the table of thousands of families. 微信图片_20180720161138 微信图片_20180720161117 The ceremony of the construction commencement was held at 9:00 am, July 19th of 2018, the leaders from each participating party all prayed for the success of the project. 微信图片_20180720161200 At 9:08 in the morning, with everyone’s expectation and attention, the project was officially launched. 微信图片_20180720163247 微信图片_20180720161146 We cherish the trust from the Owner, and Kaiser will always adhere to integrity and quality to build a more modern plant.  
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