Activity public welfare“Breathing the fresh oxygen, planting the hope” ——Record of 2018 Kaiser Dalian branch’s tree planting activity

01 02       The warm wind blows the spring cold, and the tree planting with our best wishes. In April 21, 2018, Kaiser Dalian employees and their families, using the weekend time, organized a “Breathing the fresh oxygen, planting the hope“annual green tree planting activity. 03       Once again, the outing activity has come to the Pulandian Gezitang reservoir, which was planted last year, and continues to be environmentally friendly and green. 04       This tree planting activity is different from the past. We need to climb up the mountain, remove the weeds on the hillside, dig out the pit, and plant the apricot that can harvest the fruit. Let’s use both hands to grow our hope, not only to make our home more green, but also to have a promise for the harvest of autumn. 05       Here, we are with our family, and colleagues into the spring breeze, close to nature, let our children know more cherish our nature is that they can be as healthy as the young trees grow up, and pay more effort and strength for our own tomorrow.  06       This activity we collect everyone’s wish, carve on the wish small board, hang on the small sapling that we grow, leave everyone’s name, let everyone’s wish and the tree seedling grow together. At the beginning of every year, every spring brings a hope that everything you love will be happy and healthy. 07  08       After planting trees, participate in the collaboration, carried out a special outing activities: some boat net fishing, some boat along the shore pull the oyster, some collect wild vegetables, pick up eggs, some shore fishing, some side barbecue…… With colleagues, with friends, with family, happy together. 09            Planting trees is for our living environment, and the public welfare is for our children and grandchildren. Smile, sweet, unity, strength, every activity is always surrounded by a warm atmosphere, just like the spring let a person feel full of vitality, all hope of everything in our wishes and we go forward.       Our wish: may our family always be safe and healthy, our Kaiser more united and strong!
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