We offer practical and useful guidance for investment in China.

As a good beginning, it is necessary to master local investment environment information.

Favorable policies in China are of great importance to foreign investment enterprises. Especially under recent changes in the Chinese investment environment, mastery of policies is critical for beginning of investment. Kaiser can assist clients to have a good beginning of investment in China, since we hold the latest investment environment information in many cities and summarize this research into our investment guide. The guide includes general conditions of metropolitan development zones, infrastructure data and fees, investment policies, etc., all of which favors clients with the latest information for their investment plan in China.
Investment guide documents are ready for delivery includes those of Dalian, Beijing, Tianjin, Qingdao, and East China area.
Postal fee for delivery of investment guide documents shall be undertaken by clients.
Post in China is around 40 RMB; post to Japan is about 300 RMB. (Data updated to Nov. 2012)
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