Japanese EPC  Company's precision Chinese EPC Company's price competitiveness Kaiser Company possesses the above all advantages.

It is not conductor to reduce build cost and to improve quality, while it is our absolute mission.

Why Japanese, European and US companies choose Kaiser when they make investment in China?
The reason firstly lies that no one can copy Kaiser's mode "Japanese project quality and Chinese construction cost.
Japanese, European and US clients persistently put forward the question that though it is cheaper to built new factory by Chinese construction companies, quality can't be guaranteed.
However, we adopted excellent Japanese management methods to guarantee construction quality and took advantage of price competiveness of Chinese individual proprietorship. Because, this is the issues that clients concern the most.
The reason clients choose Kaiser is because the company's devotion on doing the right thing for clients.

What's the intension for reducing cost and improve quality?

Compared with Japanese EPC company, Kaiser could provide clients with EPC service with 15% cost reduction .
Maybe client consider cost reduction only is 15%. Indeed, 15% cost reduction has no advantage in price. But, when looking at Kaiser construction cost and quality, clients may find its advantages.( Refer to the following chart) Firstly, no matter project construction (green part) is executed by Japanese EPC Company or Kaiser Company, since the construction work is done by Chinese local construction company, there will no be a big difference in price as long as it is the same project. However, what is most important in construction is the good communication and coordination with construction staffs. Kaiser Company has excellent communication and coordination, which is the advantage that Japanese EPC company can not compete. Secondly, Construction material cost (blue area), compared with Japanese EPC company, Kaiser 's cost is relatively high. That means material quality are higher. A great deal of Japanese materials shall be used. There are higher requirements on material precision and duration in factory construction. Material quality sometime may influence final usage of factory. Therefore it is not right to choose low quality material to lower construction cost. Comparing with Japanese EPC company, construction cost is the same, but material cost is higher, how can Kaiser has price advantage?
That comes from Kaiser's pursuit on design fee and company benefit.
Generally speaking, Japanese EPC company actually doesn't make design, but subcontract design service to many design companies. While Kaiser can provide deign service by its own design team. So, it can reduce cost, shorten construction time and guarantee project quality.
Using good materials, improving project quality, reducing construction cost and speeding up construction progress is real meaning of EPC for Kaiser.
Specialized construction companies corporate together to achieve higher quality project.
Additionally, construction cost is the same as Japanese EPC company, however, Kaiser company have stronger relationship with local partners, Kaiser's subordinate construction company have its own construction principle. Because onsite conductor and project management will impact on project quality directly, by jointly management between headquarter and construction site, Kaiser strives for providing quality project for clients.
There are detailed rules on construction execution, project quality management, safety management, which guarantee the quality of whole project by common rules.

Many Japanese, European and US enterprise believe in Kaiser absolutely.

Mainly in manufacture industry, Kaiser has completed more than 500 new factories construction projects.
With clients' support, Kaiser successfully completed more than 500 foreign-invested new factory projects in China. More than 80% of projects are for Japanese clients who have high requirements on project quality. From this point of view, we may evaluate the importance of service provided by Kaiser. Additionally, the factories we built are in many different industries, such as manufacture, food processing, pharmaceutical, agriculture etc...
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